World History 3rd Quarter
Tuesday 3/3/2020
Atlantic Slave Trade
Downloads: atlantic slave trade worksheet2.docx
Monday 3/2/2020

Prompt changed slightly from the one on the paper: In what ways did the publishing of Columbus's first letter and the spred of the printed word bring about European dominance in the modern age?

Downloads: mini dbq exploration and columbus's letter.docx | printing press supporting question 3 docs.pdf
Monday 3/2/2020
Weekly Agenda 3-2-20
Downloads: wh weekly agenda 3-2-20.docx
Thursday 2/27/2020
1st Period Extra Credit Opportunity

Worksheet handed out in class, due Monday.

Tuesday 2/25/2020
Golden Age of Africa Project

Watch "Africa's Great Civilizations: Episode 4" (available on Amazon Prime, watched in-class) and take notes.

Use the resources and Google Slides template provided for you in Google Classroom for your project.

Due Friday, 2/28

Friday 2/21/2020
Weekly Agenda 2-18-20
Downloads: wh weekly agenda 2-18-20.docx | binder checklist 2-21-20.docx
Tuesday 2/18/2020
Tang and Song Dynasties: China's Golden Age
Downloads: song and tang golden age handout 1.pdf | song and tang golden age handout 2.pdf
Friday 2/14/2020
Weekly Agenda 2-10-20
Downloads: wh weekly agenda 2-10-20.docx
Thursday 2/13/2020
The Reformation

Notes from lecture and slides in class.

Monday 2/10/2020
The Renaissance

Slides and lecture in-class to add to notes.

Check Google Classroom for aritcles"Characteristics of the Renaissance" and "Spain and the Age of Exploration".

Monday 2/3/2020
Weekly Agenda
Downloads: wh weekly agenda 2-3-20.docx
Thursday 1/30/2020
Aztec Sacrifices
Monday 1/27/2020
Aztecs DBQ Packet Team Project
Downloads: aztec dbq1.pdf | aztec dbq rubric.docx
Monday 1/27/2020
Weekly Agenda 1-27-20
Downloads: wh 1-27-20 weekly agenda and bellwork form.docx
Friday 1/24/2020
Binder Checklist 1-24-20
Downloads: binder checklist 1-24-20.docx
Friday 1/24/2020
Teams DBQ Packet
Downloads: aztec dbq.pdf
Thursday 1/23/2020
Aztecs Chinampas Video
Tuesday 1/21/2020
Weekly 1-21-20
Downloads: 1-21-20 weekly agenda and bellwork form.docx
Friday 1/17/2020
Binder Checklist 1-17-20
Downloads: binder checklist 1-17-20.docx
Monday 1/13/2020
Weekly Agenda 1-13-20
Downloads: 1-13-20 weekly agenda and bellwork form.docx
Friday 1/10/2020
Binder Checklist 1-10-20
Downloads: binder checklist 1-10.docx
Wednesday 1/8/2020
America Before Columbus Video
Downloads: america before columbus questions1.docx
Monday 1/6/2020
Weekly Agenda 1-6-20
Downloads: wh weekly agenda 1-6-20.docx